Sophie Weston’s Books

The Back List

People have asked me to set out the titles on the back list so here they are.

I’ve put the Christian names of the characters in as well because, if you’re like me, that’s how you remember books. In fact, when a book is in progress, I usually hold the files in the computer under the name of the heroine. Titles come a lot later and, these days, by negotiation with the editors.

If you want to identify a book of mine, but neither the title nor the character names gives it to you, you can always email me. I’ll try to answer. But never forget that what the reader picks up is not necessarily how the author identifies it in her memory. I can probably answer ‘the one about the Central American revolution’. But a friend who said, ‘You know, the one about the girl who looks like a maid’ threw me completely. She was right, of course. It’s even on the first page. It just wasn’t important enough to me for me to remember it. But it was to her. Oh, and it’s Dance With Me.

1Beware the HunstmanSusannaGiovanni
2Goblin CourtLucyRobert
3Wife to CharlesBeckyCharles
4Unexpected HazardPerditaDomenico
5An Undefended CityOliviaLuis
6Tomorrow Starts at MidnightVeronicaOliver
7The Loving PersuaderMartyMax
8No Man's PossessionSaraBen
9Executive LadyPhilippaRaoul
10A Stranger's TouchCindySaul
11Like EnemiesRobinGuy
12Shadow PrincessKatyaMatthew
13Yesterday's MirrorCressidaRupert
14Beyond RansomJuliaRoberto
16A Matter of FeelingBarbaraRuy
17Gypsy in the NightJoSebastian
18No ProvocationCandyJustin
19Habit of CommandSallyPaul
20Dance with MeAlexisMichael
21Deceptive PassionDianaMiles
22Triumph of the DawnPaulaEduardo
23Ice at HeartGabySven
24Saving the DevilMirandaPaulo
25The Wedding EffectPennyZoltan
26Avoiding Mr RightChristinaLuc
27The Innocent and the PlayboyRachelRiccardo
28Catching KatieKatieHaydon
29The Millionaire AffairLisaNikolai
30The Latin AffairNickyEsteban
31The Sheikh’s BrideLeoAmer
32Midnight WeddingHollyJack
33The Millionaire’s DaughterAnnisKostantin
34The Bridesmaid’s SecretBellaGil
35More than a MillionaireAbby Emilio
36The Englishman’s BrideKitPhilip
37The Prince’s ProposalFrancescaConrad
38The Bedroom AssignmentZoeJay
39The Independent BridePepperSteven
40The Accidental MistressIzzyDom
41The Duke’s ProposalJemimaNiall
42In the Arms of the SheikhNatashaKazim
43The Cinderella FactorJoPatrick